Notice of restarting our multi-language reservation system

Notice of restarting our multi-language reservation system.

Thank you for your continued support of WHG Hotels.

Following the suspension of our multi-lingual reservation system on June 26 (Tuesday) earlier this year, we are happy to announce that the service can once again be used for reservations as of November 20 (Tuesday).
We apologize for any inconvenience while this service was unavailable.

For your convenience, we have prepared breakfast accommodation plans for customers who use our hotel by January 31, 2019, so please use it by all means.
Thank you again for your continued support of WHG Hotels. We hope to see you soon.

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Now reservation is suspended due to system error.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
We ask for your patience until we restore the service.
For reservations, please contact us directly with the URL below.


Confirmation of contents of inquiries is done at 10: 00-17: 30 (Japan time) excluding weekends and holidays.
For inquiries received outside the above time, we will accept reception after the next business day. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

If there is an urgent inquiry, please contact the hotel individually Please contact us from the inquiry form.



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Matters Related to Personal Data Breach due to Unauthorized Access to Multilingual Online Booking System Server
For details, please check from the following URL.


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自 2019 年 4 月 26 日起,「S-mile(微笑)」要在新宿華盛頓酒店本館登場!
此外,因為外送機器人的名字包含了 ①「前往(譯註:在日文中,前往的發音與微笑只差了一個音節)」客人身邊 ②傳遞微笑給客人 的意義,故取名為「S-mile(微笑)」。

自 2019 年 4 月 26 日(五)入住時開始


1 若您希望我們幫您送東西,請來電至櫃台。
2 S-mile將自己搭乘電梯,前往客人所住的客房。
3 抵達客房時,將以電話通知。
4 請您打開房門,收取外送物品。
5 請在收取後,點選S-mile的畫面給予服務評價。
6 在外送完成後,S-mile將回到大廳。

S-mile於本館 3 樓待命。歡迎您於前來時拍照留念。


外送機器人「S-mile」引進紀念 特別活動

■活動1 「跟外送機器人一起合照!跟S-mile一起微笑!」
跟S-mile一起合照上傳到 Instagram 等社群網站標上 「#deliveryrobotsmile」「#shinjukuwashingtonhotel」,並出示給櫃台服務人員確認,就能擁有當場參加通通有獎抽獎活動的機會!頭獎我們準備了在日本全國各地的WHG HOTELS都能使用的住宿招待券。
活動期間:2019 年 4 月 26 日(五)~5 月 31 日(五)

■活動2 「Robot Express:Japanese Culture」
以外籍住宿旅客為對象,S-mile將於每月 25 日把可以享受日本傳統文化樂趣的點心或小東西送到客房。贈送的東西將每個月更換,我們預計準備符合時令的小東西。
活動期間:2019 年 5 月~ 12 月 毎月 25 日
活動對象:外籍住宿旅客 ※前 10 名,採事先預約制
※自每月 25 日 14 時起,禮賓服務台受理外送預約。

■活動3 藤田觀光集團會員限定「外送機器人真心款待活動」
活動對象:藤田觀光會員卡會員並於活動期間在 16 時~19 時間入住的住宿旅客
活動期間:2019 年 4 月 26 日~5 月 31 日 ※5 月 25 日除外。

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Notice of the NEW breakfast restaurant Serari-geihinkan

Start serving breakfast.
The MENU is Chinese-style buffet, Chinese Porridge, Boiled Dumplings and etc.
We hope you will enjoy our breakfast.
5 restaurants ALL YOU CAN CHOOSE.
We hope the breakfast makes your day better.

[ Serari-geihinkan /Main Bldg.1F]
・Chinese Style Buffet
・OPEN 7:00AM~10:00AM
Adult ¥1,620 
7-12years old ¥ 900 
3-6years old ¥ 500 

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Notice regarding our new concierge service.

We will open our concierge service from 1st of September.
Our professional of guide will assist your stay for an attractive land tour, reservation for restaurants, and shopping information etc at 3rd floor in Main building.
We are all looking forward to helping for your wonderful hotel life.
Please feel free to come by concierge desk.

【Business hours】

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